Top Foodie Destinations to Try This Season

People who are foodie loves to visit the best foodie destinations in the world, moreover when you are traveling it becomes necessary too. Food tourism includes far more than simply enjoying a delicious meal, a glass drink beer, or a bottle of champagne while on vacation. It’s a method of looking deeply into a region’s culture and heritage while making the experience unique and personal. According to the World Tourism Organization’s Global Report on Food Tourism, an average tourist invests around a third of their vacation expenditure on food.

This demonstrates how important this industry is to a visitor’s in-destination experience. It’s worth noting, however, that not all visitors come to a region just to eat gourmet food, and not all culinary establishments provide this service. Below are the few top foodie destinations that you must try this season so let’s have a look and go for the best one.

1- Hong Kong

If you are visiting the world and looking for the best foodie destinations then you must go to Hong Kong as it has so many food options for all the food lovers out there. Its dynamic metropolitan center, skyscraper-studded skyline, and, of course, the variety of delicacies on offer, take the top rank. The variety of delicacies available will astound visitors. You must try dim sum, Kau kee beef brisket, wonton noodles, and poon Choi (Chinese casserole). Make sure to completely explore Hong Kong Island during your trip. You can avail all of these at amusing discounted rates by using the Klook discount code. So do not waste the opportunity as it is the best option for all the foodies out there.

2- Sao Paulo, Brazil

From elegant bistros to gourmet eateries, Sao Paulo is a world-renowned cuisine mecca with something for everyone. Travel through Itaim Bibi, which was rated the best foodie neighborhood in Sao Paulo, and sample the country’s hallmark meal, the Brazilian feijoada (black bean and beef stew). You are not going to regret your decision of visiting this place as a foodie you will love this place as it has a lot of different food options for you. So give it a try whenever you plan to visit some best foodie destinations in the world.

3- Granada, Spain

A visit to Granada is a necessity for every foodie. Try the piononos (little sweet pastries glazed with syrup and filled with cream) or the olla de san antón (a traditional stew of beans, rice, and sausage), or the jamón de trevelez (ham from Trevelez) (ham that is cured naturally). During your trip, make sure to visit Centro, which users rated as the best gourmet neighborhood in Granada. The French, Italians, and British were the leading nations visiting Granada in 2016.

4- Las Vegas, USA

Las Vegas, undoubtedly one of the most well-known, if not the most well-known, party destinations in the world, has far more to offer than pulsating nightclubs and 24-hour casinosa. From trendy rooftop bars to opulent restaurants to tiny and cheap dining, the boulevard is home to the most diverse selection of eateries and cuisines in Sin City. The British, Chinese, and German nationalities were the most frequent visitors to Las Vegas in 2016.