Some of the Best Places that You Can Visit in Wisconsin


One of the best places to visit and which offers the best of all worlds is none other than Wisconsin. It is a home for big cities and also has waterfalls, farmland, dense forest and beaches, so you will be in awe. Wisconsin is one such state that has something for everyone. You can book various kinds of vacation rentals along the coast of Lake Michigan. One of the benefits of this is that you will get to enjoy the water sports or you can move outdoors to enjoy the adventures in the woods. Let’s look at some of the best places that you can visit in Madison, Wisconsin.

City of Buzz-

If you love city life and the buzz that it brings, then head over to Milwaukee. Milwaukee is the largest city in Wisconsin. Here you can visit a plethora of museums, shop, dine and enjoy the arts. While in the east of the town, there are beaches along the shore of Lake Michigan. Another great place that you can visit is Discovery World, which is a family-friendly destination that provides educational exhibits on the environment and science. If you love bikes and love taking pictures of them, then you should visit the Harley-Davidson Museum.

Best Restaurants in Milwaukee

Besides that, one of the most awesome things that you will find in Milwaukee is the restaurants, which offer delicious treats like P-nuts, burgers, and beer. There are also good bars here that you can visit. Check out the 8900 Bar and Bistro’s Grab and Go Menu. The other best place that you can visit is the Wisconsin Dells. It has scenic beauty and waterways, which makes it an ideal gem location in the southern part of Wisconsin. If you enjoy nature, make time to go on a hike or go bird watching near Rocky Arbor State Park. if you want something interesting for the afternoon, go with the entire team to Mt. Olympus Water and Theme Park.

Madison Children’s Park

Madison is the capital of Wisconsin and it is great destination for you to learn about the rich history of the State. You can visit the magnificent capitol building throughout the summer or you can visit the State Historical Museum. For kids, there is also a children museum, which has tree-trunk huts and other kind of fun exhibits. Here the kids can be imaginative and also enjoy their trip. If your kids love ice-cream then you can take your kids to Babcock Hall Diary Store.

Green Bay and Museum & Zoo –

On the shores of the lake Michigan and in the north eastern part of the State there is Green Bay City. It is one of the oldest communities in the Wisconsin state. It has a National Railroad Museum. You can visit this museum to view artifacts and display of the rail road history or you can even go on one of the locomotives for a ride. For summer season you can visit the Bay Beach Amusement Park which offers the Zippin Pippin Roller coaster ride and it also has a Giant Sea Dragon Swing. One of the best parts you can visit the New Zoo and get a close look at the moose, lions, giraffes, and other animals there.