Travel Makes You Happy And Healthy; Cheryl Glavor

Cheryl Glavor the popular deployment coordinator and social media influencer was discussing in a recent tweet that how travel has a lot of connotations in people’s mind. Some take it as an adventure, some perceive it as a leisure trip, some conceive it as challenges and some just want to tick off bucket list. Trevor Noah, in one his of stand-up gigs talked about travel with very high regards.

He hailed it as a pursuit where one will never waste his time or money. Apart from that meeting with new people, unravelling its history, living the past and the present makes you a part of that place. Travel takes way back in our evolution and probably explains why many of us feel this wanderlust, deeply seeded into our subconscious. We ventured from the regions of Africa to Asia and then spread all over the world.

The beauty of the travel remains in the fact that it teaches you a lot of things without having to read to read books and more importantly things that you cannot learn in dusty yellow pages. Things like how to build public relations, how to adjust new places by stepping out of your comfort zone are some of the things that cannot be taught theoretically. If you in case willing to plan along the recent trend of a long journey, and instead of taking a few weeks of vacation is planning to visit a country for a few months, make sure you go long our list…

Things to remember in a long tour:  One of the important things of a long tour is that you need to have your priorities sorted out. And I am about to provide a list of the things you should keep at the back of your head:

  • Have Sufficient bank balance

If you going on a long tour make sure that according to your basic needs, you have twice, as much money saved in your accounts than the total estimate cost of your tour. This can be clarified with a simple example. Imagine that you need 5000 dollars a month to sustain your cost and provided that you are visiting a part of your own country, or a country where the currency exchange value is similar to your country, if you are planning to spend 6 months in that place then you total estimate cost will be around 30000 dollars and given that you should save up to 60000 dollars before starting the journey.

  • Cut down the excess luxury

If the whole point of your journey is to getting to know people and experience their life and culture, you should avoid staying at big costly hotels and try to imbue yourself with local culture and eat local food.

Beware of the burglary and do not carry too much money along with you. The modern society has the advantage of using ATMs at around every corner.

Carry only the essentials and if you don’t have big bucks saved, you can even look for several freelancing jobs and totally get along with the natives.