Top places to have the best experiences in Switzerland

The challenges and rigor of our day-to-day lives make us feel the importance of vacations. All of us want the best vacations with family and kids to recover from the monotony of a regimented life. So, which destination can be ideally suited for an excursion with kids? The answer is Switzerland.

You can find many places and things to do for the best experiences in Switzerland (erlebnisseschweiz) with your family. In the following discussion, let us look at some appealing destinations in Switzerland for excursions with your kids. Also, let us also find out some activities that can make your excursion experience better even in bad weather.

Get to Jungfrau

One of the top trip tips (ausflugstipps) for enjoying your family visit to Switzerland is to visit Jungfrau. The best part of the experience is the long train journey to the top of Europe. You have to change two trains on the way and the two hours ride can be an opportune chance to view Swiss villages closely.

Another interesting part of the journey would be passing through an ice tunnel in the mountain. The Jungfrau peak scales a magnanimous height of around 3000 meters and is covered with snow throughout the year. You can enjoy some time with your kids playing on the snow. Furthermore, you can also enjoy the ice sculpture exhibit and the panoramic view of Europe from the peak.

Witness a natural wonder

Another mention of best excursion tips Switzerland (ausflugstippsschweiz) cannot miss out the Trummelbach falls. At this place, you can find a waterfall making its way through mountain rock. The most attractive highlight that you would find in this place is the thundering sound made by the waterfall.

You should note that Trummelbach is solely responsible for draining the massive ice walls of the highest peaks of the Alps. You could also find a tunnel lift to go up and then take a walk around the falls. However, you should plan your excursions between April and November because bad weather may keep it inaccessible for remaining months.

A visit to the calm city of Bern

You should also take note of one of the best spots for having a great time with your kids in Switzerland. We are talking about an excursion with children in Bern (ausflug kinder bern)! You can reach Bern by taking a car from Interlaken, and it’s just 30 minutes away. The serenity of Bern is the first thing that can appeal to you as well as your kids. The downtown area of Bern is very popular with a magnificent church. You can also have a picnic in the local park to spend some quality time with your kids and family. The natural history museum in Bern is also another reliable attraction to make your visit worthy of the time.

Don’t let the weather hold you back!

Finally, you need to think of possibilities for an excursion in east Switzerland in rainy weather (ausflug ostschweiz regenwetter). Let’s talk about Switzerland in general! You could visit Alpamare, the largest water park in Switzerland that is less crowded on a rainy day. The Zoo Zurich is also a famous attraction for visitors on rainy days. A visit to the Thermal Baths & Spa Zurich can also be aptly suited for spending a good time with your family.

Try to find other destinations that can appeal to your interests. However, make sure that you visit the destinations mentioned above for the best excursion experience.