Some WES Facts You Should Be Aware Of

Introduction – 

One of the most well-known Canadian equivalency services, which provides transparent, affordable, and plain solutions to assess your education credentials in order to apply under express entry or any alternate immigration programme offered by IRCC, is WES Canada. So, let’s take a look at what WES is.WES is known as World Education Services. It is mainly an education assessment which does a comparison of your country’s academic credentials with equal grading system of another country. Some other countries, including Canada and the USA, have their own assessment standards, like wes for Canada. You can get the right to seek a professional licence through the WES report. It is a non-profit organisation that helps immigrants reach their career goals or educational goals in the country of their choice.

What is WES Canada? 

WES Canada is qualified (accredited) by the ACESC, i.e., Alliance of Credential Evaluation Services of Canada. It offers non-binding advisory views by transforming foreign academic documents into Canadian equivalents. There is a reason why WES Canada is the most well-known choice among Indians for ECA. It/Wes is the most popular choice among aspiring immigrants as it provides a quick ECA report processing time within 7 business days. It has a simple three-step evaluation process. It is recognised globally for providing error-free, high-quality reports. It offers competitive pricing as compared to other assessing bodies. It also has a very supportive service team for its clients.

Besides all of that, they have a separate FAQ section called “India FAQ,” which answers pivotal points relevant to Indians who want to go to Canada. Let’s look at some of the FAQs here:

What are the distinct types of WES evaluation reports?

Document-by-document evaluation: for freshman university employment and admission

Course-by-course evaluation: for the analysis of the course and grade point average for transfer and graduate university admissions and licencing boards

Evaluation for Immigration or Education Credential Evaluation (ECA)

Whether WES is Compulsory for a Canada PR?

Yes, WES is mandatory for a Canadian PR through Express Entry. However, candidates who choose the Federal Skilled Worker Program and the CEC, i.e., the Canadian Experience Class program, are the ones who are exempt from this need or requirement.

Is there a WES digital badge? 

Yes. There is a WES digital badge that can be used to show your ECA report instantly to employers on social media sites like LinkedIn to enhance your visibility. It permits possible employers to access your credential evaluation with a click of a button. You can attach the WES digital badge to your resume or online work application. In order to get your badge, you must choose the ICAP (International Credential Advantage Package) from WES.

Does WES’s Office Remain Operational?

Yes. WES offices remained operational even during the pandemic and continue to assess applications for Canada and the US. But, due to the restriction in movement, physical office locations remained closed for safety reasons.

What is the highest credential needed?

As per the recent update, one’s highest completed credential, be it a diploma, doctorate, master’s, or bachelor’s degree, is the degree that needs to be assessed for EC.

Is it OK to Remain Inactive?

Inactivity will not cause the elimination of the ECA application. So, as long as your profile is valid, your details will remain in the system with the evaluation report. But if you delay in retrieving your WES report, it will result in a delay in getting a confirmation on your PR status.

Is translation needed? 

If the documents that you have are in a regional language, then you will need to get them translated to French or English through an authorised interpreter. So, before you send your application for ECA assessment, you need to follow this step.