How to Get Paid to Travel by Impacting the Lives of Others in Spain

Fiel Sahir

As you’re reading this. I’m on my way to the glorious land of España.

It’s not because I’m rolling in dough. Far from it.

It’s because I choose people. If you’re wondering how in the world I found this gig, don’t worry. It’s all in this week’s podcast episode.

People are valuable and when you choose to invest in them, your life is what becomes changed.

In Today’s Episode:

  • How I got this gig
  • Where we’re going in Spain
  • Why I choose people
  • And much more!

Because I’m out of town there won’t be an episode next week. Things will be back up to normal once mid August hits! There are tons of people and guests that I look forward to having on the show.

Can’t wait to share more stoies from this crazy journey and have a laugh with you all once I’m back. But until then, stay incredible!