US Citizens Will Now Have To Register For ETIAS To Travel Through Europe

If you belong to any of the 61 countries in the world that allowed the citizens to visit Europe without a visa then Europe has a new travel regulations for you.Travelers in the world who needed a visa to visit any of the European Nations will not be affected by this new travel regulations. European Union has introduced the concept of

into the world that is necessary for you if you want to visit any European countries.

ETIAS is the European Travel Information and Authorization System, it is the new visa waiver system for the people who didn’t have to go through any visa formalities to enter Europe. With the help of ETIAS now you will get to visit the country for 90 days without a visa. Visiting without a Visa will be great but, remember to have travel wifi router if you need high speed internet for work while travelling Europe, it will be very helpful to stay connected to the internet.

The concept is introduced in order to protect the boundaries of the 26 nations that falls under the Schengen border. The Schengen Area Countries are in the European Union, it includes countries like Italy, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Finland, Denmark, Hungary, Sweden etc.

To apply for your ETIAS, you will have to visit the official site and fill out a form. The form will ask you to give your basic details so that you can move forward in the process. These basic details include your name, last name, place of birth, nationality, gender, age etc. IIn order to apply for ETIAS you must have valid password. The cost of ETIAS is 7 euros for adults. Children below the age of 18  and old-age people can also apply for this new visa-waiver system, and the cost of their ETIAS will absolutely be free.

After getting your ETIAS application approved, it will be valid for the duration of three days. You can visit visa free in the European nations for 90 days one at a time in these three years of validity period. But if your passport expires before your ETIAS then your ETIAS will no longer be applicable.

Another thing to note is that this European Travel Information and Authorization System is only valid if you are visiting any of these European nations that falls under the Schengen Border as a tourist or for any kind of Business purposes. It also includes the transit purposes. But you are not allowed to visit these countries for education or employment purposes.

The concept of ETIAS was first brought into the world in 2008, but now the European Union is finally ready to act upon it from 2021. From January 2021, this system will be applicable to you if you belong to any of the US countries that did not require a visa to visit Europe earlier.

The introduction of new waiver system was necessary in order to protect these European countries falling into the Schengen Border. It will also help the government in dealing with all the other immigration issues. If you want a hassle free travel through Europe, apply for your ETIAS right away.