7 Tips for Finding a Quality Motorhome

So, you are ready and prepared to try out an RV or camper life, and now it is time to buy your household on wheels! The truth is, the process is overwhelming but fascinating at the same time. You can make lots of mistakes and buy the wrong truck and RV, and you will be forced to go back on your purchases.

In this piece, we have compiled tips for finding a quality motorhome. These tips will help you to enjoy the buying process and take some of the pressure off. Read on to make an informed and confident purchase.

1. Have a good understanding of how you plan to make use of your motorhome

First, you should not be thinking about specific manufacturers and models. You see, individuals purchase motorhomes to do something with it and not just to own it. Purchase one that fits your lifestyle.

A person who wants a quality motorhome for adventure or for doing outdoor activities will have to purchase a motorhome that does not restrict because of its boondocking capabilities, manoeuvrability, and length. For boondocking, you will need to think about things such as options for electricity and holding tank capacity. Someone who wants to home-school his or her kids on the road or work full-time will want amenities of home, comfort, and space.

2. Visit dealerships

Stop at each RV dealership you will pass along the road. If the salesman is friendly, chat with him or her and get recommendations, brand information, and some other tips. Also, go into several units and get a feel for the different types of lengths, brands, and layout that you liked. It is very crucial to familiarize yourself with motorhomes, and this is the perfect way to do it.

2. Have a Wishlist

Write down all the wishes you have for your motorhome. It is okay to be picky and specific at first. From your list, determine wishes that are non-negotiable and must-haves. For instance, biggest non-negotiable things may include proper storage, budget, weight, at least one slide, and all seasons. Also, make a list of manufacturers and models you would consider and narrow your choices down to three or five.

If you have never owned a motorhome, rent one. Consider a luxury camper van hire, and this is a worthwhile and absolutely essential step. There are things you will not know until you have actually done it.

3. Do not rule out used motorhomes

Most people will highly advise you to purchase a used unit. Why? Just like a regular car, brand new doesn’t always mean a few problems, and RVs also depreciate quickly. In fact, most RVers can confess that brand new units can even have more issues than the used rigs.

5. Safety

Not every motorhome on the dealership floor is roadworthy. Ensure all the systems are working and don’t purchase if you have the suspicion that the motorhome isn’t ready to hit the road. Additionally, if you are buying a used unit, ask for its maintenance records.

6. Floor plan

No doubt, choosing the best motorhome floor plan can be extremely time-consuming. Pick one where each camper has his or her own sleeping place and remember to put your pet(s) into consideration as well. Keep in mind that different floor pans provide different amenities.

7. Do not overextend yourself

It is imperative to set a budget and ensure that you stick to it. A perk of full-time RVing can be lowering and simplifying your cost of living. Nowadays, many great amenities can easily carry one away.

Do not lose yourself in the captivating and fancy leather couches and countertops – always remember what is essential. You can make cosmetic changes to your RV interior; however, it is hard to replace air conditioners and water heaters.


Finding the right motorhome can be very exhausting. Nevertheless, owning a motorhome is fun, thus purchasing one should be fun as well. What you need to know ahead of time is that when you buy a motorhome, there are things you will love and their things you will not like about it. Things are going to break, but more delighting memories will be made. Just have fun and avoid worrying about finding the best motorhome – quality matters.