Trade Shows: You Best Options for Exhibit Yourself

Digital Marketing and social networks have been a real revolution in terms of business communication; they have become an essential tool for companies when it comes to making themselves known, but what they do not yet have managed to dislodge Productronica Fairs and Business Events.

From a business point of view, industry fairs are great business opportunities, whether it is to increase sales, strengthen the brand image or make new contacts. Without a doubt, trade fairs manage to create this climate of naturalness and closeness, where it is much easier to do business face to face.

These are not only exhibiting companies, but also distributors, suppliers and potential customers, which allows us to carry out, so to speak, a market research with which we can keep abreast of all the latest developments in the sector. With Productronica exhibition this comes perfect.

Main Benefits of Attending Fairs and Events

Space for networking: The Fair is the space in which all those involved in the sector are linked. The large numbers of visitors who come to them make it a golden opportunity to expand customer base, establish a more direct relationship and improve their loyalty.

Direct contact: There are no middlemen, emails or phones at trade shows. There is direct personal contact, so it is much easier to gain confidence when closing a deal or a sale. In this way, it also allows to know first-hand the opinions of potential customers and to execute the strategies previously planned and designed for the occasion.

They increase exports and open the company to new markets: As we said in the previous point, it is essential to prepare the strategies in advance if we want to guarantee good results. It’s a great opportunity to show what you do and how you stand out from your competition.

Know the competition: Attending this type of event allows you to learn about the competition there, what they offer or what their sales strategies are, which can help you identify weaknesses and build your business’s strengths.

Consolidate your brand image: It is very important to know how to choose the show that will offer us the greatest profitability, because it will become a showcase for our company, our products and the image of our activity.

Why Exhibit At A Trade Fair?

These events, by virtue of the fact that they bring together supply and demand for the same event, are great opportunities to seize. As always on condition that you carefully prepare your participation and leave nothing to chance. A presence at a trade fair is not a tool reserved for the communication department. It is a very relevant lever for several departments of the company. Of course, first and foremost the salespeople, but also the product managers, market managers, design office managers, etc. Identify new prospects, retain customers, meet new partners, feel market trends, opportunities to seize or keep abreast of the latest innovations. These are all opportunities offered by participation in a trade show.

After The Operation

Once the event has passed, the work does not end there. The business contacts, requests for documentation and other must be treated quickly. To do this, it is advisable to rely on the document completed by the various members of the show team.  A debriefing regarding participation in the show is also essential in order to take into account any hiccups to rectify them and be even better next time.