Dubai Airport Taxis: All You Need To Know

After landing at Dubai Airport, the next step for most passengers is to jump in an airport taxi to reach their destination. That can be a bus, a taxi or the metro. But the most popular and preferred option is a taxi. It gets you right to your destination, providing more comfort, and more room for your luggage. In this article, we are going to talk about the taxi service available at Dubai airport, and some other alternatives.

●     Public Taxis

The taxi service in Dubai is run by a government body, the Road and Transport Authority (RTA). In line with their code, the official color of taxis in Dubai is cream. They also have pink trims to indicate female-driven cabs. The taxis from Dubai airport run with meters, the fares are 0.53 USD per kilometer, and there’s a flat charge of 6.81 USD from the airport.

There are also services provided for disabled people. That includes taxis that are equipped to accommodate passengers with special needs and make them comfortable. Drivers of these vehicles are specially trained to handle special passengers. Taxis for people with special needs are available at Dubai Airport for 24 hours every day. Also, the cost of the fare is between 1.5 USD and 2 USD.

●     Online Taxis

Another method that is sure to get the job done is booking your Dubai airport taxi online. That is a more convenient way of getting a ride, it saves you from long queues at the taxi rank, and you can book or cancel at your convenience. These taxis are also available 24 hours every day, and the drivers are quite punctual.

The cost of your fare from the airport to the city center costs less than 20 USD, and the distance is 15 minutes. As Dubai is such an international city, there will be an English speaking driver assigned to you. The customer support service from these taxis is quite impressive, with the customer as a priority.

In addition to these transit options, here are three other standard methods of transit.

●     Ride Sharing

Most people are familiar with Uber, but while you can find that here, there is also the Careem ride-sharing service. This method allows you to book your ride online, select your preferred car type, and pay with your debit/credit card. Although, without internet access, it will be impossible to use the app to hail a ride.

●     Metro

The metro system in Dubai is quite efficient and reliable, and this makes it an excellent option for moving from the airport to the city center. There are direct links from DXB to the train station at terminal 1 and 3, and the trains leave every 10 minutes. The cabins are well maintained, and train fare is affordable.

●     Bus

Buses are another functional alternative to taking taxis from Dubai Airport. Bus stations are available at all terminals at the airport, and you can find a bus at any hour of any day. The fares cost a flat rate of 2.5 USD, and trips can only be paid for with tickets. Also, taking the bus in Dubai is not advised if you are new to the city, because the bus route is quite extensive.