Are You Paying Too Much For Airport Parking?

Which Country Has the Most Expensive Airport Parking? And Which Has the Cheapest?


With the summer holidays around the corner, you may be thinking of booking flights to visit family and friends, or to see somewhere new. With many states opening up their borders for the first time since March, there are plenty of cheap flight deals on offer and bargain priced hotel packages. But what about airport parking?

Many of us often book our flights and accommodation without much thought as to how we’re getting to the airport. We secure our tickets months in advance to get the best deal, but don’t always think to book parking.

And yet, on-site airport parking can easily turn into the most expensive part of your trip. If you leave it too late to book, and all of the budget, off-site parking lots have filled up, you can easily get stung for hundreds of dollars. Suddenly, those amazingly cheap airline tickets no longer seem like such a great deal!

However, the price you end up paying largely depends on the airport that you’re flying out from. If you live in Singapore, the United States, or the United Arab Emirates, you may be dismayed to learn that the most expensive long-term airport car parks are located there. In fact, Singapore’s Changi Airport charges more for parking than any other airport in the world, with an eight day stay costing a whopping $481.76!

The online airport parking comparison company Flyparks looked into the cost of airport parking around the world, without prior booking, for the world’s 50 busiest airports based on passenger traffic. In their Global Airport Parking Report 2020, Flyparks found that Singapore’s Changi Airport was the most expensive, followed by Dubai International Airport at $326.17, and Seattle-Tacoma Airport at $246.83.

Three of the world’s most expensive airports to park at were in the United States – Seattle-Tacoma, Denver International, and Miami International, while the UK’s Gatwick Airport scraped in at number ten.

Conversely, the cheapest airport to park your car at for a week (8 days) was Soekarno-Hatta International Airport in Indonesia, for $49.32, followed by Suvarnabhumi Airport in Thailand for $52.50, then Frankfurt Airport in Germany for $57.53. Surprisingly, two of the cheapest ten airports in the list were in Germany, while one was in Italy, and another Spain.

The list is long – it covers 50 airports after all! But it’s useful for travellers who are weighing up whether it’s worth taking a taxi to the airport or paying for parking, and vice versa. For more information about the Global Airport Parking Report 2020, you can check it out here.