5 economic tips for party after civil wedding

The relationship is a reason for many celebrations, especially when the bonds are closer and the couple starts talking about wedding. For more traditional brides, religious marriage is very important, but it is necessary to go through civil marriage first. Regardless of the reason that led the couple to celebrate the civil marriage, a good budget must be done so as not to spend too much. See five wonderful economic ideas of not letting your civil marriage go unnoticed.

Lunch and dinner

This idea is more suitable for couples who opted for the two parties separately. As you will already have a good ceremony on your religious wedding day, you can offer lunch or dinner on the day of your civil marriage. The lunch option will be more accurate. However don’t forget to hire Wedding Limo Toronto service. You can hire the limo service for the lovely just married couple of the day to transfer them from the notary office to the place where you have arranged the little ceremony party or a mini wedding. You can also hire the limo service for the guests if you have a good budget. Choose a common restaurant that can receive your guests.

Food and drink at home

One way to save a lot on the expenses of your civil wedding party is to offer a small snack for your guests. Sweets, chips and drinks can be served on the occasion and without that mandatory buffet (for an economic wedding).

Avoid mega visual productions

Despite being the choice of some brides, you don’t need two dresses of marriage if the intention is to save. Civil marriages demand a more discreet and direct production, so much so that it gives the bride freedom to use whatever model she likes.  Of course, you won’t show up at the registry office with that little ballad dress, okay? So take advantage of the promotions of boutiques in your city to buy that most elegant and charming dress for your party.

Enjoy the spaces in your home

As previously mentioned civil marriage is a simpler moment and is usually intended only for the family members closest to the bride and groom, as well as their friends. Even living in a tighter place, there is always a way to accommodate your guests, the same way when you receive visitors. But if you live in a spacious place, the party will be better. If you can’t even organize a ceremony at your home, ask for a space at the home of your friend or that closest relative.

Bet on natural decoration

In addition to saving a lot on your budget, the natural decoration of an environment will give that more than special differential to your wedding. Observe the place and see what can be used. A rarer vase with a small detail can become a beautiful centerpiece for the main table. Chairs decorated with ribbons will make the place much more romantic and beautiful, among other details that you can certainly handle if you put your imagination to work.