You should go camping today for a number of very good reasons

James Corden, a TV star who bills himself as a “outdoorsman,” “visits” Chile in an advertisement for a credit card. (It may be shown here.) Corden doesn’t move from his seat in front of the TV while cardmember Nick shares his story. To paraphrase, “Why on earth would I want to pitch a tent in the middle of the Atacama Desert?” Corden asks Nick some probing questions. The commercial then cuts to a scenario in which Corden is left speechless by the stunning beauty of a star-studded sky. So here’s what you need to know about winter camping utah.

So that’s why.

Here are five excellent reasons to consider spending the night in the wilderness or a neighbouring state park at this time of year, coupled with Instagram proof that #wintercamping is a pleasant experience.

The Star-Studded Nights

Enjoy the winter night sky without the light of the moon. The beauty of the night sky is unparalleled. Several plausible scientific explanations have been proposed for why the stars seem brighter at this time of year. Dr. James Sowell, an astronomer at Georgia Tech, claims that the northern hemisphere’s winter sky has more and brighter stars than the southern hemisphere’s summer sky. Cooler air holds less moisture than warmer air, therefore the sky is clearer in the winter than in the summer. Sowell claims that this might facilitate the discovery of faint stars that are normally obscured by the sun during the summer. In addition, campers have more time to take in a show during the winter months due to the longer nights. It may be wise to check a lunar calendar in order to plan your trip during the time just following the new moon, when the night sky is at its darkest.

Restock the DEET in the cupboard, please.

There is no need to frantically attempt to zip up the tent entrance in the winter to keep the bugs out. They’ve made themselves at home in preparation for a long winter nap. Because insects are often less active in the winter, it may be preferable to go camping in the winter if you or your intended camping companion suffer from an insect phobia.

Campfires Having a campfire is pleasant any time of year, but it’s especially useful in the colder months. Campfires in the winter not only offer warmth and a pleasant atmosphere or enhance the taste of s’mores with just the right amount of smoke, but they also bring people together. There are fewer fire restrictions in effect and the danger of wildfires is lower in the winter compared to the summer. A campfire is also the perfect centrepiece for an evening of storytelling.


Jack Frost and Cupid can make a powerful argument when paired together. If the glow of the fire and the sparkle of the stars isn’t enough to get you in the mood, you can always snuggle up to someone to stay warm and ignite some desire. James Bond was successful in making it function.

Amazing Narratives

The first phrase of any camping story should be something thrilling like, “We spotted killer icicles at the waterfall.”  While winter camping has its own unique challenges, it also provides a unique opportunity to explore your favourite camping places. The tales of your weekend adventures will hold the attention of your employees on Monday morning.