Why Everyone Prefers To Stay In Airbnb Kochi Over Others

Kochi is a beautiful city in the state of Kerala in India that offers a varied landscape of both urban and rural. On one side you have a bustling part filled with high rises, large shopping malls like Lulu mall, international airports and large business spaces.

Why Should You Choose the Kochi?

On the other side, you will have marine drives, famous heritage sites like Fort Kochi and beautiful islands like Kumbalangi. It is one city that has all the flavors you want in your next holiday destination.

Get variety in cultures

It is a popular tourist destination and often serves as the gateway to other destinations in Kerala. What attracts many people to this destination of variety in cultures and you will see different people in the city hailing from different parts of the country. The locals are extremely friendly towards tourists so you can easily devolve yourself in the local culture.

If you are a foodie, then it will be a heaven for you because you can have different types of local cuisines that you won’t get outside Kerala. Many restaurants specialize in fish and meat dishes so if you are a non-veg foodie, you can expect a wonderful time in Kerala.

Why Do People Prefer Airbnb in Kochi Over Others?

Airbnb has enlisted some of the best properties in Kochi that can mesmerize the stay of any tourist visiting Kochi. Whether you want to stay in the heart of Kochi, near business centers, outskirt areas or residential localities, you will find properties almost everywhere.

What’s more? You will have the option to choose the property type you want. Airbnb has numerous hosts in Kochi who offer a single room, entire apartment, a part of the bungalow or beach houses.

What you will get?

Some of the properties have caretakers while others are totally vacant and you will have check-in by yourself. Airbnb properly collaborates with the host so that you won’t have any problem staying in any Airbnb properties in Kochi. From WiFi, free washer, free parking, television with subscription, lift to air-conditioner, ceiling fan, freezer, dining table, swimming pool you will find a lot of amenities in Airbnb Kochi properties.

However the number of amenities will vary from property to property. Whatever be your requirement, you will find a property on Airbnb. The price structure of properties is also varied in Airbnb Kochi so you won’t have to worry about high prices ruining your wonder time in the city.

Top Properties In the Airbnb Kochi

If you look into Airbnb Kochi, you will find around 932 properties overall to cater to your holiday. Airbnb onlys adds properties after careful evaluation so you will find many properties with high ratings.

Vasco House Heritage Residence, Thankam’s A/C villa, Devas Heritage House, D’homz Suits, Riverside Heritage Bungalow, Jhula River View Villa etc are some highly rated properties in Kochi with numerous amenities. You can easily book the except through Airbnb’s website and the host will take care of the rest.