Some of the Best Seasons to Travel in Australia

Introduction –

Australia is one of the best countries, with distinctness in the cosmopolitan cities and dramatic beaches, snow-filled mountains, and an outback that is desert-like. Most of the travellers know that it’s a 20-hour flight from the US. Besides that, most of the Americans love it so much that they think of relocating there after they stop their work. Many people feel that getting there will strain the budget. Besides that, the airfares can be high, reaching up to $3,000 per person from the US if the flight is a non-stop flight. But the good part is that there are times when you can fly to Australia for even less than that.

Best Family Package:

You can check the best family holiday packages of Australia, in the link referenced here. Australia is one of the dream destinations for many people, but travelling there can be very expensive. From May to June is the off-season. Also, you should know that when it is summer in the US, it is winter here in Australia. Besides that, there is also a shoulder season, where Feb.-April and Sep.-December are less expensive compared to the high season. But it is also more expensive than the off-season. Choose a good family package that comprises a hotel stay and air fare and works the best for you and your family.

Off-Peak Season Travel to Australia

One of the things that you should know is that Australia has different seasons for travel like many of the tourist destinations. Qantas is one of Australia’s biggest airlines which is big in fleet size and also the total number of international flights. It introduces fares based on three seasons: high season, low season, and shoulder season. It is because the airline caters to the demands in the price schemes that there is a shoulder season and multiple lows throughout the season. So, there is a difference in several tourist destinations that comprises of only 3 defined periods peak seasons, shoulder and low seasons. So, the one that would be a long low season during the winters in Australia is, for instance, interrupted by a costly shoulder season that overlaps with school holidays in the USA.

The Different Seasons:

As per Qantas, the peak season, which begins from about the 2nd week of December until January, is when the air fares will be the most expensive because of the holidays during this season. This is Australia’s summer season. The country is in the southern hemisphere, so the seasons are opposite those in the northern hemisphere. The weather can also be hot and dry, making the beaches of the country a very popular destination. The shoulder season fixes between the high and low seasons and runs or begins from –

From February 1st to late summer, April, or fall

During the low season, the airfare tends to be the cheapest, which begins from May 1 through the 1st week of June and again from the 3rd week in July until the 3rd week in September. These are the periods which signify late fall and winter when the temperature is cool, when in the farther south, i.e., when you are heading towards the antarctica. This is again the opposite of the northern hemisphere, where individuals are used to heading south throughout the winter.