Simply Incredible Delhi Hidden Gems

Delhi offers some of the very best hidden gems, like Red Fort and much more. But, a full visited needs to include the hidden gems we highlight in the following paragraphs. These unusual spots can provide fascinating stories and unique experiences.

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1. Jamali Kamali Mosque

Jamali Kamali Mosque and Tomb can be found within Mehrauli Archaeological Park and is one of Delhi’s lesser-known historic treasures, boasting exquisite Mughal architecture with an intriguing history associated with it. Many visitors claim they have witnessed unexplainable phenomena here such as sightings of lights or hearing growls from animals that do not correspond with animal instinct or simply having the feeling that someone is following them around.

The mosque and tomb were originally built around 1600 during Sikandar Lodi’s rule; later restored by Sufi saint Jamali Kamboh. According to tradition, both were passionately in love with each other – an eternal reminder of which can be found on each of their gravesites: an inscribed pen box bearing their initials as an indicator.

Jamali Kamali Mosque is well known for its captivating visual patterns made up of Delhi Quartz (grey stone) combined with red sandstone, yellow sandstone and marble to produce its striking patterns – one of the first in India! Furthermore, its mausoleum offers intricate stucco work combined with glaze tiles for an exquisite design.

Both Jamali Kamali Mosque and tomb are open for visits throughout the day; however, visitors are advised to come early as evening visits tend to become quite busy. Furthermore, visiting in the morning is best as this park also houses other historical landmarks, including Humayun’s Tomb, another UNESCO World Heritage Site.

To get to the mosque quickly from the city center, taxi rides take approximately 11 minutes; alternatively you can take the metro to Mehrauli station and walk from there.

2. Bara Gumbad

Bara Gumbad stands proud as an impressive gateway in Lodhi Gardens, leading to an attached three domed mosque constructed during Sikander Lodi’s rule in 1494 and radiating immense strength and magnificence.

It was also the world’s earliest fully constructed dome ever created on any building, featuring both Islamic and Hindu elements that created its beauty. Thus making it a unique piece of architecture that showcases India over time.

Though its purpose remains unknown, this building likely served both as a tomb and mosque. Furthermore, some believe its builders may have used it as an entranceway into an even larger mosque such as Mehman Khana. Today this beautiful structure stands as a testament to Delhi’s rich heritage.

Visitors are permitted to enter and explore inside, but should remember the mosque is an active place of worship and take appropriate measures when taking photographs or disrupting services.

Bara Gumbad is home to not only the mosque but also several graveyards attributed to nobles from Lodhi dynasty whose remains lie buried there.

If you’re keen on exploring this amazing landmark, visiting it during the morning is optimal. That way you’ll get to witness the sun rise while taking advantage of peaceful grounds before it becomes overrun with visitors. A metro is an efficient way of getting there that reduces carbon emissions as well as traffic jams!

3. National Crafts Museum

The National Crafts Museum is a place where Indian craftsmanship really comes to life. Artisans display their artifacts including wood carvings, silk embroidery, glass beads and cross-stitch. Additionally, this museum serves as a popular shopping spot as artisans from different parts of the country are permitted to sell their wares at reasonable prices while visitors can also learn more about India’s handlooms and traditional crafts from this wonderful venue.

The Museum stands out from typical museum structures by featuring an unconventional low-key design, with square courtyards stepped at various places rather than following Mandala pattern and offering informal social arenas. Furthermore, an outdoor market area offers premium handmade goods from different regions.

One of Delhi’s most fascinating hidden gems is Jahaz Mahal, a palace constructed during Lodi dynasty that earned its name by creating an optical illusion resembling floating on water, so named due to being situated next to a reservoir and appearing as though floating. An astonishing piece of architecture, Jahaz Mahal stands as an extraordinary treasure from Delhi’s rich architectural legacy.

Satpula Bridge, which dates back to 1343 AD when Sultan Muhammad Bin Tughlaq constructed it, is another treasure hidden away in Delhi that’s often overlooked. A stunning example of engineering genius from that era and architectural marvel alike, it makes an excellent photo opportunity with stunning city views as its backdrop.

4. The Spice Market

Photographers and Instagrammers in particular will want to visit this incredible sight, which offers stunning shots with its vibrant spices and wares. For maximum pleasure, plan your visit during wintertime or early morning to avoid crowds.

Experienced guides provide the ideal way to visit the spice market, offering more in-depth views into its history and details, including trips up onto its rooftop for stunning photo opps.

Old Delhi’s Spice Market is easily accessible by metro and on foot; Chandni Chowk station offers direct metro service with only 15-minute walking time to reach it from there. Open from 10am-9pm daily, planning your visit around your schedule can make visiting easy!

Market is famously known for its variety of spices, dried fruits and tea leaves as well as kitchen utensils, boxes and vases for purchase – as well as bags of rice and tea by the kilogram! Additionally, its roof boasts an eye-catching architectural design, making this market one of the top places in Delhi to take Instagram pictures.

5. Laxmi Nagar Coffee Shop

This cozy cafe set within a craft museum will captivate you with their mouthwatering selection of delectable modern, regional, and Indian dishes – not forgetting their tantalizing desserts, refreshing cocktails, and detox tea infusions! Their cuisine makes them one of Delhi’s premier cafes!

Hauz Khas is home to many popular hangouts for college students and freelancers, including this relaxed place with beautiful interiors featuring shades of grey, blue, and white. Their coastal colonial-style seating provides an ideal place for working. Plus, free Wi-Fi makes this spot even more inviting – not to mention an amazing variety of food and beverages!

At this cozy cafe, not only are prices extremely affordable, but the staff and atmosphere will leave you wanting more. This cozy place provides the ideal opportunity to sit back and relax while indulging in comfort food such as pizzas, keema pavs, fries, chili chicken dishes, pasta and much more – as well as grab quick snacks along with hot or iced tea beverages!

If you want to take out your date for a romantic lunch or dinner, this beautiful space with well-maintained French windows, lush green gardens and eye-catching bird cages is the place to be. It boasts pleasing decor and soothing vibes – making it one of the most romantic cafes in Delhi that are sure to leave an impressionful memory on both you and your date!

Famous for its delicious desserts, relaxing atmosphere and incredible service, this coffee shop in Delhi has become an extremely popular date destination. Their array of mouthwatering desserts includes Parle-G cheesecake and tempura fried prawns with foam.