3 of the Best Pool Villas in Sri Lanka ( & What They’ll Cost You)

Can’t determine which of the pool villas in Sri Lanka are the perfect fit? Maybe this’ll help you narrow it down!

Whether you want to treat yourself to a truly private escape or unwind in safe and hygienic seclusion, these days, private pool villas in Sri Lanka are the way to go.

Let’s take a look at 3 villas that should make it onto your final list of contenders! 

Top 3 Private Pool Villas in Sri Lanka:

  1. A Countryside Escape in the Cultural Triangle

Uga Ulagalla | USD 350 – USD 750

What’s to Like?

  • Gorgeous views of uninterrupted blue skies and lush vegetation 
  • Stunning, turquoise private plunge pools
  • Glass-walled villas with charming thatched roofs and an architectural design that blends right into the natural environs
  • Located in a 58-acre ‘villa-only’ resort in Sri Lanka’s Cultural Triangle
  • 30 minutes to an hour away from the Ancient City of Anuradhapura and other UNESCO World Heritage Sites such as the Sigiriya Rock Fortress

Nestled in a tranquil countryside haven in Anuradhapura, Ulagalla By Uga Escapes is all you could ask for in a scenic private hideaway. 

Set amidst leafy foliage and untouched beauty of Sri Lanka’s rural landscapes, Ulagalla offers an irresistible blend of traditional, old-world charm and modern comforts. 

Featuring only villas, Ulagalla by Uga Escapes is the epitome of privacy and seclusion. Book yourself into 950 square feet of blissful indoor and outdoor seclusion.

A stay in this Ulagalla Pool Villa will cost you, on average,  something in the range of USD 350 – USD 750.

A worthy price to pay for a slice of paradise that’s only yours to enjoy.

  1. A Decadent Oceanside Hideout

Cape Weligama | USD 350 – USD 750

What’s to Like?

  • An infinity pool with a view of the sea
  • Spacious villa interiors with a walk-in wardrobe
  • 30 minutes away from Galle

Located on the island’s southernmost end, Cape Weligama is a treat for sore eyes. Spread out across 1400 square feet, its pool villa is a world of its own.

Unwind in your private plunge pool as the ocean stretches out on the horizon before you.

Wake up to this view.

  1. A Secluded East-Coast Getaway

Uga Bay | USD 250 – USD 350

What’s to Like?

  • Picturesque views of the bay from a private terrace
  • A two-storey luxury villa with glass walls
  • Outdoor plunge pool and bar
  • Private beach access

Hidden away on the secluded shores of the east coast, this two-storey private sanctuary comes complete with a staggering range of amenities and an outdoor plunge pool.

There’s also a bar by the pool so you can really get your party on! 

Spread out over 2,700 square feet, this villa’s a great private escape for families and groups of friends.

Other Points to Consider

What’s the average cost of a pool villa in Sri Lanka?

Prices for a stay at a private pool villa in Sri Lanka can vary quite a bit, especially across different times of the year and for villas of differing sizes and amenities.

In general, however, you can expect to spend approximately USD 300 to USD 1,000 per night for most of Sri Lanka’s pool villas.

Should you go for a private pool villa or a traditional hotel stay?

How much value would you place on privacy? 

If you’re looking for a getaway where you’ll have your significant other or loved ones all to yourself; if you just want to recharge away from prying eyes; or even if you just want an escape where you can be yourself without having to expend any energy on social niceties, a private pool villa is definitely worth it.

Another question is, how much value would you place on safety & hygiene?

Boutique hotels like Uga Ulagalla only have private villas on site. This means that they are naturally structured to promote social distancing. 

Why pool villas in Sri Lanka are family-friendly

Do your kids want to be in the pool all the time? 

As much as you love your little bundles of energy, it can be hard to relax and recharge, when you’re constantly on babysitting duty at your holiday resort’s main pool.

When you’ve got your own plunge pool, however, you can keep an eye on the kids without having to leave your villa (and without worrying about their interactions with strangers).

One of the most underrated perks of this is being able to skip all that fuss about packing and dressing the kids for the trip to a faraway pool and back (or worrying about leaving things behind).

Why Sri Lanka’s private pool villas offer the perfect romantic retreat

Three words; they’re:




It’s a recipe for an unforgettable intimate getaway in a tropical island paradise!

Frequently Asked Questions

To summarise, here are some FAQs for private pool villas in Sri Lanka to help you get up to speed:

Q: Do any hotels with villas in Sri Lanka have a pool?

A: Yes. Many hotels in Sri Lanka do have separate villas or suites instead of rooms, and some of these feature private plunge pools.

Q: What are the best hotels with villas in Sri Lanka?

A: Scroll back up to spot 3 :).

Q: Are there any Sri Lankan hotels that only have private villas with pools?

A: Some boutique hotels such as Ulagalla by Uga Escapes are built exclusively to offer the villa experience. The only accommodation type offered at hotels like these are private villas, and oftentimes, many or all villas will come with a private plunge pool for your privacy and convenience.