Top 10 Countries To Visit If You Like A Lot MUCH Bread

Bread is good. It’s delicious even when you’re lucky to live in a country that puts it in the center of its gastronomy. And when you know a good baker, who gets up every morning at 4am to work lovingly with his products, spreading in the neighborhood a good smell, it is downright delicious. To the unsung heroes of leaven and mess.

  1. France

France is the country of bread. And cheese! How are things done right? In France, where you can of course enjoy a good baguette (perhaps soon UNESCO Intangible Heritage), a crispy loaf, a bread with cereals or olives and all kinds of specialties that the world envies.

  1. Italy

Far behind France, but then very far away, comes Italy. The country of focaccia and muffuletta, a sesame bread from Sicily. Without forgetting the ciabatta, one of the peculiarities is to count olive oil among its ingredients.

  1. Portugal

At the canter of food, as in many other countries, bread is very important in Portugal. As a result, it is declined over several recipes all more delicious than the others: the bread of the Alentejo, and its very compact crumb, the Mafra bread, with rye, the broa de Avinted, and its taste slightly sweet and sour … It’s the bread festival!

  1. India

We agree: the best thing when we eat in an Indian restaurant is the naan! Sometimes you can even enjoy cheese in it. Something invented for Westerners, not at all authentic so we do not care because it’s super good. India also offers other kinds of bread such as dosa, a kind of crepe, kulcha or bhatura, which is fried!

  1. Mexico

We think of course the tortilla. An absolute delight. And what’s great about the tortilla is that you almost feel like you’re being reasonable when you prefer it to ordinary bread. After all, it’s like a pancake no? It’s inevitably less caloric. So suddenly, we make the burritos hyper garnished and at the end, when we are more than stuffed with the bottom teeth that bathe, we feel miserable …

  1. England

The English have transformed the bread over several recipes: scone, crumpet, soda bread … So much so that if we except the banal bread used for sandwich clubs, we often wonder if we are dealing with bread or at a pastry shop. But hey, because it’s delicious, we eat anyway.

  1. Venezuela

Arepa, a corn bun, is also common in Colombia. We eat it with lots of stuff like cheese, ham, beans … Popular at breakfast, lunch and dinner, it is unmissable.

  1. Armenia

The lavash, besides the fact that it allows to make puns too funny (the LOL cow) is a cake bread absolutely essential. And if scholars are struggling to pinpoint its origin, the fact that it is classified as an intangible cultural heritage of UNESCO as an Armenian specialty, somehow resolves the issue.

  1. Turkey

It’s a bit like this: hard to know where the pita comes from. Consumed for a very long time throughout Southern Europe and the Middle East, it remains a safe bet. If only because it is used to make the kebab. You want some cult bread!

  1. The United States

What??? The country of the burger? No, the United States is not a big nation of bread, we agree. But there, we can fall on perfectly valid breads. Like the quick bread. The snack is to adopt it. While in the country a stay at Omni Dallas Hotel is the perfect accommodation option for tourists.

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