Things You Need To Bring On A Cruise

When you opt to have your vacation on a cruise ship, things are slightly different. You only unpack once, since your lodging is your method of transportation, too. It makes things a lot simpler, and more convenient. With that in mind, there’s nothing worse than getting to your cabin only to realize that you forgot something that’s important.

So, what are some important things that you need to bring on a cruise? Let’s take a look at our list below, and see. We’ll discuss documents, electronics, as well as a few clothing tips that might make things a bit easier for you, regardless of whether you’re going on an Aqua Mekong cruise or something completely different.

 Don’t forget your passport (and visa)

This is a key thing when it comes to a cruise. Chances are you’ll be visiting quite a lot of ports in foreign countries, so identification and travel documents are important. The thing with passports and visas is that they often take a while to obtain, so check them when you have plenty of time to obtain new ones. They should be valid for the entire duration of your trip, which is another thing to note.

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 A carry-on comes in handy

One thing you’ll want to keep in mind when it comes to cruises is that your luggage will often get to you a while after you board the ship. Therefore, you’ll be left with whatever is on you, so a lightweight carry-on suitcase or backpack is an important thing to have. You can have a swimsuit, sunscreen, and other essentials handy, and you won’t have to wait for your luggage to be processed.

Another thing is that you can use that carry-on as a handy bag when you’re out on a shore excursion – a backpack is especially useful here. You can also store any souvenirs or anything else you want to bring back home inside.

Keep your electronics charged

When you’re on a cruise, you’ll have your smartphone, you may also have a tablet, and you’ll want to bring a camera. They’re all devices that can help you save memories from your trip. However, they’re not really useful if their battery is empty. While you can charge them in your cabin with their own charger, it is also smart to have a power bank that’s going to let you charge them when you’re on the move. There are many reasons to get one, and none to leave it at home.

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What do you do in terms of clothing?

What kind of clothing you bring on your cruise greatly depends on the weather at the destinations you’ll be visiting. However, there are a couple of key items that are more or less crucial on any cruise.

A quick-dry set of clothing is good to have. Many excursions will involve you getting wet and wild, and you’ll want a change of clothing that will allow you to get to the ship dry. If it’s a bit cold, not having it can result in you getting a fever – not something you want to happen.

Formal attire is also recommended. Many ships will have a formal night that dictates a formal dress code, and unless you want to spend it in the ship’s buffet, you should respect it. Ladies will want a nice pants suit, or a cocktail dress, whereas men are expected to have a suit (and tie, but that’s optional).

A combination of shoes for every occasion is key unless you want to wear your dress shoes when you’re rock climbing. Yes, nobody is going to forget flip flops on a cruise ship, but you should definitely add a pair of sneakers for any activities onshore, as well as dress shoes for the formal nights. Oh, and it might be smart to add a pair of closed-toe, anti-slip water shoes, they might come in handy.

 A few accessories to have

When you’re out for a while, there are a couple of accessories that might make things easier, more fun, or more convenient. One of them is a wrinkle release spray, and you should also have Aloe Vera and sunscreen, as well as a pair of binoculars.

A wrinkle release spray will come in handy when you need your clothes to be perfect – due to fire hazard, your cabin won’t have an iron. The sunscreen and Aloe Vera will keep your skin intact, and for easy application, you should get spray-on variants. Last but not least, binoculars will let you see, up close, any interesting thing (or other ship) that you might find amusing.

 All things considered, if you do get all the right things on a cruise, it’s going to be an experience of a lifetime!

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