The Entertainment Places In Sharm El Sheikh

1- Aqua Blue Water Park: One of the most beautiful recreational tourism destinations that you should not miss during tourism in Sharm El Sheikh, Aqua Blu Water Park provides you with an ideal destination to accompany the family and young children on an unforgettable recreational picnic, and you will inevitably fill you with a high dose of vitality. The famous water games city, which is located in the plateau region “Um Sid Hill”, includes 44 waterfalls and various water games, the most famous of which is the black hole and kamikaze, in addition to nine of the swimming pools, which are suitable for children under 12 years old.

2- Dolphin and crocodile show:

It is one of the most strange activities that you will enjoy doing during the tourism trip in Sharm El Sheikh, where you can swim and take funny pictures with them. It is followed by another activity to see the gigantic Thai crocodiles shows, offers of playing with fire and live snakes with the possibility of taking the strangest pictures of you when you are playing with these creatures in an unprecedented friendliness. After you’ve finished the fun and documentation moments, you can take a tour of a museum dedicated to stuffed animals.

3- Alf Leila Wa Leila:

One of the best places in Sharm El Sheikh and the most attractive for tourists from all over the world. Alf Leila Wa Leila is of the closed entertainment complexes in the Um Sid Hill area, which has a special charm among its visitors because of the various services and paragraphs that satisfy all tastes, from cinema, sound, and light shows to popular dances. Egyptian and horse dances and lyrical and artistic evenings. there are hotels in Sharm El Sheikh near this wonderful place come with free breakfast and some of these hotels are offered on

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