How to Get Leads from Google Maps

If you have a shop or other type of local business, you should already know how important it is to do marketing with Google Maps. Now that the Internet is the primary source to which consumers turn to obtain information on the places where the shops are located, not being present in the results of local searches present in people is a real suicide for your earnings.

I want to share on how to get leads from Google Maps using Google My Business, an effective way to optimize your marketing for free with Google Maps. This tool is another great service that you can associate with your Google profile to significantly increase the probability of appearing in local search results and getting leads!

Explaining Google My Business

Local research produces direct and immediate contact from potential customers to the business: shop, company headquarters, professional studio, beautician, hotel, restaurant, mechanic, etc.

According to research done by Google, the behavior after local searches reveals that people are more ready to act. 50% of consumers who researched a selected area visited a business within a day, 34% of people who researched from a fixed PC did the same.

Since mobile devices are geolocated, almost everyone shares the position of their smartphone, and the mobile phone always moves in pairs with their owner. When potential customers do a local search or ask Google assistant for some shop near them, Google returns the results based on the position, which is pinpointed on Google Maps.

For this, any business must be concerned about a good presence for the terms they identify in the local search results. This is partially provided by Google My Business.

Even if you never thought about it, good chances are that your shop has been already listed by Google. Use the services offered by Google My Business and provide a complete set of info about your business in every detail for Google Maps. You can claim the ownership of the displayed business by Google or create one for free. Just search for your business online and see if you can already spot it.

Register a Google My Business Account

Do a web search using the keyword “google my business” and you will find the link to the free service so that you can register an account.

You will have to enter these data: business name, address, telephone, website, profiles on other social media, review pages, and other important links.

Precisely position the pointer on the map to allow Google to identify and show the exact location of your business.

Use keywords to describe your business, using the right categories that the potential customers may use to find you. You can update these in the future. Presence in local search results = increase in visits and revenues.

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