12 Places to Explore if You are Strong Bone!

The favorable climate and unique things are simply like a magnet that every year drags attention millions of tourists worldwide. If you are ready with bags packed and willing to explore the best of Cuba then this places are certainly for you. Some of the amazing locations are as follows:

  • Take a tour of Havana in Vintage car: Not just the ordinary cars, but vintage cars are surely here to make your trip the most memorable one. Cuba tour package are perfect to steal all the limelight and create in special bond with every tourists visiting here.
  • Strolling at the beach Vardadero: This less populated space is ideal for photographs. Most promising is the 20 km white sand beach stretch.
  • Sip the real Mojito: There is no place in the world that could serve the best Mojito rather than Cuba. Just one sip of it in very well form just triggers the mind.
  • Explore the amazing sites of Colonial Town Trinidad:This amazing colonial town is perfect to see the beauty of old architecture.
  • Watching millions of crabs crossing the road: They beautifully emerge from the forest and find the way towards sea that is near Bay of pigs.
  • Topes National reserve: You will be stunned with this place offering the most amazing greenery scene. In order to watch nature with the closest perspective you could sign up for hiking tours or one could go for horse riding from Trinidad. On your way you could also witness the beauty of waterfall.
  • Try out the Local Rum: These rum are worth of every money spent on them and secret is that they are available in cheap prices too.
  • Try out the authentic Cuban Sandwich: The different fillings and secret home guarded recipe is only shared with few. But every bite of it is surely worth a try.
  • Try out underground cave club: The place in Trinidad will keep up all your expectations if you are on look out of late night party. Every happening night there is a show of fire dancing and acrobats. The party is inside the real cave.
  • Visiting Tobacco field: This is one of the sorted and one of the most real things to do in Cuba. Vinales is the best site that has to been with the varieties of tobacco grown everywhere. You could actually even learn out roll out cigars.
  • Trying out cohiba Cigars: Though there are umpteen variations of cigarette and cigars available in Cuba, this cohiba cigars are worth a try. They are easily available in the local shops or hotels.
  • Amazing Coffee: Right since 18th century, coffee is one of the proud history. The coffee plantations in western Cuba are known as first coffee plantation site.

Southern Patagonia: It just impossible to swift away attention from this beautiful places even for a minute. The southern Patagonia has jaw dropping sites of Perito Moreno Glacier, Cueve de Las Manos and do trekking across the ice fields. According to your interest there are many things to do in Patagonia tour package there are systematic itineraries planned.

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